Depression took her

Bela Hümmelgen
1 min readNov 6, 2022


I miss her.

I miss her energy and her voice. She made sense to me, she was my soul mate. I could count on her. I knew she would get things done when I needed her to.

She could stay up all night, dancing with a glass of wine. She could cuddle up with a nice book, she drank four cups of coffee a day. She could fill the house with the sweet smell of her baking when I needed her to.

She laughed with her friends and it lighted her up instead of darkening her down. She could take care of herself. She had enough love to take care of others. She took care of me when I needed her to.

I miss her because things were easier.

I miss the times she was not with him.

He, that weights on her eyes, that takes her to bed too early for us to have a proper conversation.

He, that makes her spill out the wine, that takes so much energy.

He, that tells her to force a smile, that is the reason she takes too long to reply to her friends.

I miss who she was before he came along.



Bela Hümmelgen

Brazilian, red, feminist, bi+poly, vegan, saggitarius. Current LLM in Human Rights (Austria). MA in Gender Studies (UK/Spain). Bachelor of Law (Brazil).