an inventory of people

Bela Hümmelgen
4 min readMay 20, 2022


ginger is their name because of the hair colour, they said. a playful smile, a creative soul. ginger is unafraid of dancing barbie girl in the middle of the street, in front of a crowd. their nails are painted black and in each middle finger there is the cutest unicorn.

johanna is shy, so she compliments ginger in a brillant way. long hair, pale face, sweet smile. rainbow stones around her eyes, she lets ginger take her by the hand. she hesitates but says yes because she knows she will not regret. she is afraid of dancing when others are looking but she does it either way.

marco has the prettiest eyelashes and he swears they are natural. braids in his hair, his smiles are brighter than the glitter on his cheeks. a touch of dark green eyeliner and all there is to see is the honest light in his eyes.

sara takes a selfie with marco and they look gorgeous. her big blue eyes contrast with the pink in her lids, her high cheek bones are perfectly highlighted. sara knows how to enjoy herself, how to let her boundaries down, how to dance around with a beer in her hand. she and marco are a shiny pair.

barbora is small, hungarian, sweet, talkative and, well, a taurus. she likes romantic movies, she is obssessed with cheesy tv shows. her dream is to live in london. her hands are already stained with black because she had her favorite vanilla icecream earlier on. but she loved to get her nails paiting after watching the color in anja’s hands.

anja is austrian, goth, and aquarius. dressed in black, perfect winged eyeliner. she hates romance, she rolls her eyes on anything cheesy. she is into horror. yet she watches every single movie and show that barbora wants. she is too in love to refuse. she is ready to sit through it all, even if there is no hint of fantasy in the plot. is there anything cheesier than that?

ileana never wears makeup. she loves soccer, she is the sporty fun girl everyone loves to be friends with. she comes from a small country in central america but she embraces the whole world. even the dramatic blue eyeshadow in her eyes, the absurd amount of glitter in her face. her immediate reaction was omg. then she sent a selfie to her girlfriend in italy.

lucas comes from germany and teaches sex education in austria. his nails are painted baby pink that goes with his outfit. he is the kind of guy that knows he is handsome but will not let it show. he takes it easy, he lets the cute boy from the united states flirt with him but he pretends he doesn’t notice. he is not unconfortable with the attention. he is kind and he is open-minded. his jumper in pastel colors is just perfect.

isadora is super excited. her dark eyes are bright, her double-winged eyeliner are carefully drawn. she is ready to learn everything there is to know in the world, to fall in love with everyone and everything. her skin glows as much as her personality. isadora looks beautiful with the splash of silver in the right side of her face and the three small white stones above her left eyebrown.

joe casually sits there, just wanting to talk to arthur. but he says yes immediately to drawing the trans flag in his eyelids. fierce, bold, proud, and friendly. that is joe.

artur is so the opposite of joe that he runs away immediately.

marvin is so extremely sweet that everyone immediately falls in love with him. he feels very confortable in his own skin and he is the solid shoulder anyone can cry on. he smiles constantly, he is caring. he never painted his nails before and he is super excited to see them in bubblegum pink.

sara is marvin’s friend. she is friendly in an easy-going way. she experiments with her looks, she is ready to wear earrings shaped as eyepencils and paint her nails three different colors. she sips on her aperol spritz and smiles at every single person around her.

maria is concerned with her glasses. she needs to go to work at the hotel later but she wants to enjoy the party. she needs a glittery gold eyeshadow and stones over her eyebrows that don’t interfere with the glasses. she wants to look beautiful but pratical. and she does.

demi is extremely beautiful. on the outside and definetely on the inside. she braids her own hair and that of others. she is so beautiful it is hard to believe she looks even better in green eyeshadow and gold glitter. demi sparks from the inside already.

guilherme has a smile that only a brazilian can carry. casually smoking, he dances and curses the president. he is proud and in love with his husband, he cannot see himself anywhere else in the world.

neither can i.

16.05.2022 — Wien



Bela Hümmelgen

Brazilian, red, feminist, bi+poly, vegan, saggitarius. Current LLM in Human Rights (Austria). MA in Gender Studies (UK/Spain). Bachelor of Law (Brazil).